Middle Tennessee State University Selects the TESCAN LYRA 3 FIB-SEM Workstation

(Nanowerk News) Middle State Tennessee State University has chosen the TESCAN LYRA 3 FIB-SEM workstation to enhance interdisciplinary research. The LYRA 3 FIB-SEM will reside in the MTSU Interdisciplinary Microanalysis and Imaging Center (MIMIC). Operational since 2006, MIMIC is a shared research facility for structural biology and materials science.
The LYRA 3 FIB-SEM workstation combines the TESCAN Wide Field Optics™ High Resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope and Focused Ion Beam column, providing best in class imaging and 3D material characterization for the most demanding applications. In addition this instrument will be integrated with an EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectrometer) and EBSD (Electron Beam Scanning Diffraction), allowing users to collect chemical and structural information simultaneously during the milling process.
"Imagine having a combination drill/milling device that is able to work on structures much smaller than a human hair," explained Dr. Nathanael Smith, MTSU assistant professor in the physics and astronomy department. "That's what a focused ion beam instrument can do — and more. The LYRA 3 FIB-SEM workstation will not only allow very small structures to be accurately machined, but with specialized, integrated detectors, it can also be used to analyze the structure and chemical composition of a host of sample types, from cross-sections of solar cells to biological specimens."
Smith added that the instrument will have 3-D imaging capabilities so that samples will be seen in newer and more powerful ways.
"Applications for the new equipment could include observing the characterization of solar cells (physics); the fabrication of 'photonic circuits,' where light is used in place of electricity (physics); and the development of nanomaterials for chemical analysis and catalytic acceleration of chemical reactions (chemistry). Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale."
"The new equipment will enhance MIMIC as a training and research facility at MTSU," said Dr. Ngee-Sing Chong, MTSU chemistry professor and MIMIC director. "The microscopy instrumentation at MIMIC is accessible for research by all MTSU faculty and students," he pointed out. "Primary users of the equipment come from biology, chemistry, physics, engineering technology, geology and anthropology. The facilities are also available for fee-based usage by microscopists from industries in the middle Tennessee region."
"LYRA delivers 'Ease of use by design' and is ideal for multi-user environments such as MIMIC," said Jeff Streger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We are honored to have MTSU as a TESCAN customer."
TESCAN is a leading provider of scientific instrumentation. Established in 1991, TESCAN is an ISO certified company with a long tradition of excellence in scanning electron microscopy.
Source: TESCAN (press release)
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