A Low Cost Solar Simulator from Abet Technologies

(Nanowerk News) The New Model 10500 from Abet Technologies is a low cost solar simulator providing an attractive alternative to more fully featured and expensive solar simulators for applications that do not require a large area illuminated field. The optical system of the 10500 produces a collimated 25 mm beam. Focus or defocus it for higher irradiance or larger solar cells.
  • 1 Sun Output Over 35 mm Diameter Field
  • ASTM, IEC, & JIS Class A AM 1.5G Output
  • Compact integrated design
  • Fast F/1.0 Fused Silica Condenser
  • Adaptable System Configuration
    The 10500 offers a flexible design that can be adapted to your particular needs. The standard configuration is a horizontal output full spectrum solar simulator. A number of different air mass filters that meet ASTM, IEC and JIS Class A specifications can be conveniently mounted to the face plate of the 10500 Solar Simulator. If you require a different spectral shaping option please contact us with your requirements many additional solutions are available for photovoltaic or life sciences applications.
    For more information please call Heath Young on 01372 378822, e-mail [email protected]
    Abet Technologies offers an expanding line of ASTM, IEC and JIS standards compliant products for solar cell PV-IV testing, steady state solar simulators, test stations, software, calibrated reference cells and a selection of electronic loads for low and high current cells. To view the rest of the Abet Technologies range of solar simulators go to http://www.lot-oriel.com/uk/en/home/solarsimulators/
    Source: LOT Oriel (press release)
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