Mobius Photonics Announces Prototype Fiber-Based Laser Source for Super-Resolution Microscopy Applications

(Nanowerk News) Mobius Photonics, an innovative producer of short pulsed fiber laser sources (IR, green, and UV laser), has developed a novel prototype laser source for super-resolution microscopy applications. Named "Rainbow," the system is a fiber-based source of user-switchable, visible-wavelength laser pulses. Mobius will display its Rainbow system at LASER World of PHOTONICS (booth #102, hall C2) at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre in Munich, Germany, from May 23-26, 2011.
"Our Rainbow laser prototype is a testament to Mobius' competency in developing fiber-based solutions for the materials processing and life sciences markets," said Kiyomi Monro, Mobius Photonics CEO. "As Dr. Keaton, our chief scientist, presented in a paper at Photonics West, the Mobius technical team has developed a novel way of using fiber to generate visible wavelengths for stimulating the fluorescent markers as well as depleting fluorescence in super-resolution microscopy applications. Our initial design can generate three key wavelengths, and we have plans to extend that capability so that ultimately a Rainbow system could generate up to seven discrete wavelengths between 557 and 651 nm. This laser may complement the capabilities offered by today's supercontinuum sources for microscopy."
The Rainbow prototype is a short-pulse, high-repetition-rate laser system that currently produces output at 585 nm, 600 nm and 616 nm. The system's individual wavelengths can be switched on-the-fly, allowing users to tailor output to the fluorescent marker in a particular application. Rainbow features approximately 1-ns pulses at repetition rates of up to 20 MHz and pulse energies ranging from 25 to over 50 nJ per pulse, depending on the wavelength selected. The result is a laser system designed to allow high-resolution image generation with fast acquisition times.
Rainbow is air cooled and features a compact laser head to facilitate integration into microscopy systems. The laser's modular architecture is also intended to simplify integration, field servicing and system upgrades.
About Mobius Photonics
Founded in 2005, Mobius Photonics, Inc. produces fiber-based laser sources for applications ranging from material processing for solar cell manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication and assembly, and flat panel display manufacturing, to scientific uses such as super-resolution microscopy. The Mobius Photonics team combines in-depth understanding of customer needs with manufacturing experience, and pushes the state-of-the-art by working in close collaboration with suppliers and customers around the world.
Source: Mobius Photonics (press release)
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