Micro Materials Launches New Nanomechanical Testing Instrument

(Nanowerk News) Micro Materials Ltd (MML) today announced the launch of their new instrument, the NanoTest Vantage.
The instrument offers an excellent range of capability for materials research, from nanoindentation to nano-impact & fatigue, allowing the researcher to gain a complete picture of their materials properties, under true service conditions.
Denise Hoban, International Business Director at MML, states 'Our customers have always appreciated the flexibility of the NanoTest system, and the unique capability it offered. This new generation of instrument allows higher throughput and reduced training time, allowing our customers to focus on unique experiment design. The NanoTest Vantage remains the instrument of choice for the high level researcher, guaranteeing highly publishable, unique data. It's time for people to take a fresh look at what the system has to offer'.
In the past 12 months MML have stepped up their worldwide presence and are seeing rapid growth in key territories. This new instrument launch will help to further grow market share, and raise awareness of the unique capability available.
Established in 1988, Micro Materials Ltd are manufacturers of the innovative NanoTest system, which offers unique nanomechanical test capability to materials researchers for the characterisation and optimisation of thin films, coatings and bulk materials. Techniques include nanoindentation, nano-scratch & wear, nano-impact & fatigue and nano-fretting.
Further information on the NanoTest Vantage can be found at www.micromaterials.co.uk
Source: Micro Materials Ltd (press release)
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