NIL Technology Announces Low-Cost and Compact Nanoimprint Tool for Universities

(Nanowerk News) To lower the entry barriers to nanoimprint lithography for universities and R&D departments, NIL Technology (NILT) today announces the introduction of its new Compact Nanoimprint Tool (CNI Tool). The CNI Tool is a compact thermal nanoimprint lithography tool that does not require any fixed lab installation. It is easy to use and the CNI Tool has a performance that is comparable to other commercially available nanoimprint tools, thereby providing access to fast replication of nanostructures with only a small investment.
Today, getting started with nanoimprint lithography still require a significant investment exceeding hundreds of thousand of euros, and on top of this the running cost of cleanroom equipment is significant. With its compact size, low cost and outstanding performance, the CNI Tool represents a viable and alternative way to exploit the benefits associated to nanoimprint lithography.
The unique CNI Tool is delivered as a plug-and-play system and can be operated by students as well as trained engineers. The system operates at low pressures (below 10 bar), it has a unique temperature control, and it is versatile with respect to stamp formats and materials. CNI is a "first print" tool, i.e. there are no alignment options besides flat alignment. The CNI Tool can be used with any regular stamp that users might have, but also with dedicated stamps provided by NILT to ensure very accurate control of the entire imprint process.
"We see the introduction of the CNI Tool as a very important event for the nanoimprint community. By significantly reducing the entry barriers to start working with nanoimprint lithography, the CNI Tool represent a perfect starting point for commencing activities and to develop nanoimprint related competences. With the introduction of the CNI Tool, we aim to facilitate easy access to nanoimprint lithography", comments NILT's CEO Theodor Nielsen.
About NIL Technology ApS
NIL Technology ApS (NILT) specializes in nanopatterning and nanoimprint lithography. NILT has experience in meeting complex demands for research and new product development activities, and assists customers in all stages from pattern design to imprinted pattern. NILT is located in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.
Source: NIL Technology (press release)
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