Shrink Nanotechnologies Closes Transaction to Sell BlackBox Semiconductor Inc. and Its IP for Leading Semiconductor Technologies

(Nanowerk News) Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. and BlackBox Semiconductor, Inc. announced the execution of the share exchange whereby 100% of the equity interests of BlackBox Semiconductor, Inc. (the Nevada company) were sold to BlackBox Semiconductor, Inc. (the publicly traded Delaware company). Additionally, a cash payment is due to be made to Shrink and BlackBox is to receive approximately 14,000,000 shares of Shrink common stock.
Shrink CEO, Mark L. Baum, commented, "We are happy to have executed the final share exchange agreement to sell BlackBox Semiconductor which will trade as a separate public company. We believe this transaction will unlock significant value for Shrink's shareholders as the BlackBox management team, led by David Duncan, CEO of BlackBox, execute on a well thought out and promising business strategy to bring 'electronic glue' chemistries to many multi-billion dollar market opportunities."
BlackBox's semiconductor chemistries are being developed to manufacture rigid and flexible surfaces and enable large semiconductor devices. Semiconductor nanostructures exhibit unique optical and electronic properties that have the potential to create a new generation of semiconductor materials for a range of large market applications including:

(i) Photovoltaics,

(ii) Energy storage,

(iii) Optical sensing and;

(iv) Other printed electronics

Semiconductor electronic glue chemistry incorporates engineered inorganic semiconductor and metal nanostructures with proprietary and patent pending electronic glues that are maintained and deposited in liquid form. BlackBox semiconductor liquids can be deposited using low-cost printing and other high throughput techniques to create high-performing, solid semiconductor films and structures.
BlackBox technology solves the problem of previously attempted solution-processed inorganic semiconductor methods that were limited by poor electronic performance. Its electronic glue chemistry allows efficient transfer of electric charges between the semiconductor nanomaterials and results in high transport and mobility of charge carriers through the manufactured semiconductor solid.
About BlackBox Semiconductor, Inc.
BlackBox Semiconductor, Inc. is a research, development, and technology application company dedicated to the commercial adoption of a chemistry platform that produces semiconductor thin-films and other structures from solution-based processes. Its proprietary and patent pending electronic glue technology improves the electronic properties for solution produced semiconductor materials for use in existing and next generation applications within the renewable energy and electronics industries.
About Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc.
Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. is a FIGA™ organization, focusing on leveraging contributions from experts in Finance, Industry, Government and Academia. Operating as a high-technology development-stage company, Shrink licenses, owns and develops proprietary and patent-pending nano-sized technologies, components and product systems for a number of leading edge technology markets of varying sizes. For more information, please visit
Source: Shrink Nanotechnologies (press release)
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