GLOBALFOUNDRIES Selects Infinisim RASER to Quantify On-Chip-Variation of Its 28nm Technology Qualification Vehicle Designs

(Nanowerk News) Infinisim, a provider of innovative verification solutions for advanced technology nodes, announced today that GLOBALFOUNDRIES, a leading provider of advanced semiconductor manufacturing and technology, has selected Infinisim's flagship verification product, RASER™, to use for validation of On-Chip-Variation (OCV) models derived from its 28nm Technology Qualification Vehicles (TQV).
"Accurate OCV models enable our customers to reduce guard banding and realize the full potential in terms of both area and performance that come with migration to the 28nm technology node," said Andy Brotman, vice president of design infrastructure at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. "Infinisim's technology will allow us to validate our predicted OCV, helping our customers to maximize performance of their designs."
RASER, based on Real-time Adaptive Simulation, guarantees full SPICE accurate results for multi-million transistor designs with orders of magnitude higher throughput over other leading SPICE simulators. Providing SPICE accuracy on such large circuits allows designers to run full Monte Carlo on their entire clock and critical path netlists to determine statistical variation across the chip. At 28nm, where statistical variation can be as high as 30 percent, incorporating this capability in the timing design and verification flow enables designers to achieve tighter timing margins and higher performance designs.
"We are very excited that GLOBALFOUNDRIES has adopted RASER in its TQV design flow. As designs migrate to 28nm, the pessimism of Static Timing Analysis needs to be augmented with the surgical precision of RASER," said Ms. Samia Rashid, President of Infinisim. "This partnership with GLOBALFOUNDRIES is just another example of our commitment to addressing the design and verification challenges of 28nm and beyond."
About Infinisim
Infinisim provides guaranteed SPICE-accurate simulation results with an average of 50 times higher throughput and capacity for large multi-million device circuits. Patent-pending Real-time Adaptive Simulation™ (RAS™) technology makes the simulator always accurate and always fast. Infinisim's RASER™ is highly effective for advanced digital (40nm and below) and large scale analog mixed-signal circuits. RASER's speed and capacity uniquely position it to run simulations at all stages of design verification -- from single-block to full-chip, from pre-layout to post-layout. Infinisim enables its customers to eliminate silicon respins, reduce chip design schedules and dramatically improve product quality and production yield. Infinisim is privately held and based in San Jose, Calif. For more information, please visit
Source: Infinisim (press release)
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