Electron Microscope Preparation Equipment Line Expanded

(Nanowerk News) Electron Microscopy Sciences is pleased to introduce the EMS 300 series of large specimen sputter coaters for SEM preparation and thin film applications. The series features a multiple sputtering head design that ensures even coating deposition over a single large specimen or multiple small specimens. The flexible system allows sputtering to be limited to a single source for more economical sputtering of smaller specimens.
The EMS 300 is available in three formats; the economical EMS300R T rotary-pumped version for noble metals only sputtering, the turbomolecular-pumped EMS300T T for coating both oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals onto large specimens, and the EMS300T D dual head system which allows independent sequential sputtering of two metals without the need to break vacuum making it ideal for many thin film applications.
For smaller samples the EMS150 series coater is a compact coating system ideally suited for SEM and other coating applications. The EMS150 is available in rotary and turbo pumped version for sputter coater of non-oxidizing metals, carbon fiber coater suitable for SEM applications, and a combined sputter coater and carbon evaporator.
In addition to SEM/TEM carbon coaters and sputter coaters, Electron Microscopy Sciences sells the complete Polaron and Emitech product lines including plasma ashers, critical point dryers, and cryo preparation products for electron microscope specimen preparation. Electron Microscopy Science is the exclusive partner of Quorum Technologies in the United States. For more information, please visit the online product information at http://www.emsdiasum.com/microscopy/.
About Electron Microscopy Sciences
Electron Microscopy Sciences is the most comprehensive source for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology supplies, chemicals and equipment. EMS is committed to providing the highest quality products along with competitive pricing, prompt delivery, and outstanding customer service.
Source: Electron Microscopy Sciences (press release)
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