Integran Sets Stage For Growth With New Site

(Nanowerk News) Integran Technologies Inc., a world leader in metal nanotechnologies, announced today that it has begun consolidating its three Toronto locations into one facility at 6300 Northam Dr, Mississauga Ontario. The location features a 52,000 square foot building on a 5.2 acre lot which can accommodate in excess of 150 employees. Located near Pearson International Airport, it is intended to accommodate a significant expansion in Integran's operations, which as previously announced, involves a $55M investment.
"This new location allows for critical expansion of our employee base to accommodate growth in our research and development into new nanocrystalline alloys and in licensing and manufacturing support for our existing technologies." says Gino Palumbo, CEO and President of Integran technologies.
Integran expects to consolidate its operations in stages, with the move completing in late summer 2011.
About Integran Technologies Inc
Integran Technologies Inc. is a world leader in the development and commercialization of advanced metallurgical nano-technologies which are used to create ultra-lightweight structural parts, enhance corrosion protection, provide magnetic shielding, and create durable composite molds. Integran's affiliated companies include: Powermetal Technologies (Carlsbad, CA) which develops and manufactures products for the sports equipment and consumer product sectors; and Integran Technologies USA Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) which develops leading-edge materials technologies for aerospace and defense applications.
Source: Integran Technologies (press release)
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