VeruTEK Receives U.S Patent Notice of Allowance for Its Green-Nano Zero Valent Iron Catalyst

(Nanowerk News) VeruTEK Technologies, Inc., has received notice of U.S. patent allowance for its latest environmental remediation and wastewater treatment product: Green-nano Zero Valent Iron (G-nZVI). G-nZVI is a high-performing catalyst developed in collaboration with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The product is ideal for a broad range of remediation applications including treating produced water (wastewater) generated during oil and gas and other chemical production processes.
G-nZVI works more efficiently than conventional iron catalysts, significantly increasing the rate of oxidant activity and can be used under a wide range of conditions. Unlike other catalysts which are typically sensitive to changes in pH, G-nZVI consistently delivers high performance over a wide pH range. G-nZVI is highly effective as an activator for VeruTEK's patent-pending Surfactant-enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation (S-ISCOŽ) treatment of hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvent contamination. The product can also be used with conventional in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) to improve the effectiveness of traditional remediation chemistry.
The EPA works with VeruTEK on a variety of projects, concentrating on new field-proven approaches to address difficult environmental issues. According to John Leazer, Director of the Sustainable Technology Division at EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory in Cincinnati, "Patent awards are superb examples of what can be accomplished through collaborative research and development." Leazer added "EPA's collaborative efforts through Cooperative Research and Development Agreements such as this help us leverage resources and expertise to achieve sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions that support EPA's mission of protecting human health and the environment."
For further information, please visit or contact Beth McAvoy at 860-242-9800, ext. 324.
About VeruTEK
VeruTEK is a green chemistry company with a new, field-proven approach to addressing difficult environmental issues. The company applies a proprietary, innovative time-released surfactant, oxidant, and catalyst technology to help clients achieve safe, high performing and lower cost solutions. VeruTEK's technology platform addresses a broad range of applications including soil/ groundwater remediation and enhanced oil recovery as well as industrial cleaning products. VeruTEK ticker symbol is VTKT.
Source: VeruTEK (press release)
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