Ocean Thin Films Expands PixelTec Patterned Optical Coating Capability

(Nanowerk News) To grow its exclusive PixelTec™ patterned optical coating technology, Ocean Thin Films has expanded its Golden, Colorado facility. The pioneer in lithographic patterning of optical coatings, with more than 2 million precision patterned optics delivered, Ocean Thin Films continues to advance its patented process by adding a new clean room and specialty equipment.
PixelTec optical coatings are increasingly used for purpose-specific performance in a multitude of medical, defense, and industrial applications, enabling more compact, robust, and cost-effective devices. The Golden, Colo. expansion includes another dedicated, class 1000 semiconductor-grade clean room outfitted with advanced patterning and alignment equipment, and class 100 work areas. The ITAR Registered and ISO 9001:2008 certified facility is now delivering a wider range of complex custom patterned coatings.
optical coatings
Ocean Thin Film's Golden Colo. facility has been upgraded to deliver a wider range of custom patterned coatings.
PixelTec technology enables micron-scale patterning of multiple thin film optical coatings on a single substrate including:
  • Precision patterning of intricate features, shapes, and sizes with sub-pixel alignment accuracy.
  • Dielectric, metallic, and transparent conductive (ITO/IMITO) coatings engineered for custom spectral properties.
  • Multi-filter arrays on monolithic substrates, scalable to high volume production.
  • "Multispectral imaging and sensing is an exciting example where clients are leveraging the benefits of PixelTec patterned dichroic coatings – configuring real-time custom imagers and sensors for everything from enhanced surveillance to non-invasive detection of cancer and disease," explains Randel Mercer, Ocean Thin Film's Vice President of Business Development.
    "Our innovative PixelTec patterning expertise also supports precision reticles, variable filters, EMI/RFI shielding, and other custom optics. This expansion is the latest in our continued investment to ensure customers receive the best-in-class patterning capability coupled with high quality optical coatings."
    To learn more about PixelTec patterned optical coatings, visit www.oceanthinfilms.com/PixelTec.html, email [email protected], or call +1 303.277.9700. Ocean Thin Film's Golden Colo. facility is located at 16080 Table Mountain Parkway, Golden, Colo., 80403.
    Ocean Thin Films designs and produces precision optical coatings, components and assemblies that enable a wide variety of products and custom applications. Leveraging comprehensive know-how in thin film coating development, its team provides expert design assistance for collaborative custom-engineered solutions, from rapid prototyping through high-volume contract manufacturing. Ocean Thin Films is a subsidiary of Halma p.l.c., an international market leader in safety, health and sensor technology.
    Source: Ocean Thin Films (press release)
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