RUSNANO and Toyota Tsusho Sign Memorandum of Cooperation

(Nanowerk News) RUSNANO and Toyota Tsusho have signed a memorandum of cooperation making way for collaborative endeavors in electronics, inorganic chemistry, environment, and automobile manufacturing. The memorandum was signed by RUSNANO Deputy CEO for International Cooperation Alexander Losyukov and Toyota Tsusho Executive Vice-President Kenji Takanashi.
Toyota Tsusho devotes considerable energies to developing cooperation with Russia, and holds the prospects of working together to advance the high-tech sector of industry in high regard.
"In addition to our traditional automobile dealerships in Russia, Toyota Tsusho has decided to concentrate on developing the high-technology sector of industry. Together with RUSNANO, we shall work on establishing innovative manufacturing businesses using leading Japanese and Russian technologies," said Mr. Takanashi.
"We intend to create projects in Russia that unite the strengths of Japanese high-technology with the potential of the Russian economy," Mr. Losyukov explained.
RUSNANO was founded in 2011, resulting of the restructuring process for the Russian Nanotechnology Corporation. RUSNANO implements the government strategy for nano-industry development stepping in as a co-investor for the nanotechnology projects with significant economic or social potential. 100 percent of RUSNANO's equity is owned by the government. The Chairman of the Board is Anatoly Chubais. The Russian Nanotechnology Corporation objectives of developing nanotechnological infrastructure and educational programmes are being fulfilled by the Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programmes founded as result of the above mentioned restructuring.
Toyota Tsusho Corporation is part of the Toyota Group, one of the largest commercial companies in Japan and the sixth largest in the world. Toyota Tsusho is represented by a network of branches and operating units, including more than 100 offices and 500 subsidiaries. The company's primary goal is to support the automotive business of Toyota Motor Corporation and other companies in the Toyota Group. The business of Toyota Tsusho is remarkably diverse and includes high technology.
Source: RUSNANO (press release)
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