Protein Quantification with the NanoPhotometer Pearl by Implen

(Nanowerk News) Proteins, the dynamic parts of living cells, are involved in nearly all metabolic pathways of cells (e.g.: enzymatic reactions, immune protection and cellular response). The measurement of protein concentration is a frequently used method in life science research.
NanoPhotometer Pearl
Implen's latest NanoPhotometer™ Pearl application note describes the performance in terms of linearity and accuracy, applying cuvetteless small volume protein quantification at 280 nm (Protein UV280) as well as colorimetric cuvette based assays.

Independent from the applied protein quantification method, the NanoPhotometer™ Pearl provides accurate, precise and highly reproducible results over a broad dynamic range. The NanoVolume option of the NanoPhotometer™ Pearl is suited for laboratories where sample volumes are limited, a fast answer without prior dilution is needed, and where retrieval of the sample for subsequent applications is required. Complex protein samples analyzed with the appropriate colorimetric quantification method should be quantified with the cuvette option of the NanoPhotometer™ Pearl.

Besides this dual purpose design, Implen's NanoPhotometer™ Pearl accounts for simple sample handling as well as high throughput rates due to very short measuring times. Due to the Sample Compression Technology™, the NanoPhotometer™ Pearl is recalibration free. This in turn reduces cost and down time, and provides accurate measurements over the life-time of the instrument. The following application note explores the linearity and accuracy of the different protein qualification methods which are possible with the NanoPhotometer™ Pearl.
Source: Implen (press release)
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