ENSSAT Students Discover the Nanoworld Thanks to SARFUS

(Nanowerk News) Nanolane (http://www.nano-lane.com/) has recently installed a complete SARFUS 3D mapping system at ENSSAT (http://www.enssat.fr/), a French institute of technology located in Lannion, France.
This equipment will be used for optics and nanotechnology practicals and will allow the ENSSAT students to venture for the first time into the nanoworld in a straightforward manner. Indeed, the SARFUS equipment, based on the use of an optical microscope and a new generation of microscope slides (called SURFs) endued with remarkable optical properties, enables the direct and real-time characterization of nanometric layers as well as the visualization of nano-objects (nanotubes, nanoparticles...) without any specific preparation or labelling and in a completely non-destructive, non-invasive fashion.
This technique is particularly suitable for lab work at any teaching level (secondary school to college or university) as well as for any kind of application be it chemical, biological or physical. This is the second time a higher education establishment has picked SARFUS ahead of the competition after the University of Amiens, France, did so last September.
If you are interested in setting-up practicals with SARFUS, please contact them at [email protected]
Source: Nanolane
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