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Posted: Jul 06, 2011

Hiden CATLAB Thermal Microreactor has a new View

(Nanowerk News) The Hiden CATLAB thermal microreactor system is just released with the new CATsoft LabVIEW-based operating program to further optimise and simplify operation in both Quality Control and R&D applications.
3D Bar Mode
3D Bar Mode
Designed for precise characterisation of catalytic and of general thermal reaction studies, the system features a 1000C fast response furnace with integrated mass spectrometer and is fully programmable for both automated and manual operation with the CATsoft program controlling furnace temperature and ramp rate, gas stream selection and flow rates from up to eight gas streams, mass spectrometer function and data processing.
CATLAB Microreactor Module
CATLAB Microreactor Module
The benchtop CATLAB integrated system is uniquely manufactured by a single company with in excess of 20 years proven expertise in both thermal analysis and in mass spectrometry. For further information on this or other Hiden products please contact Hiden Analytical at [email protected] or visit the main website at
Source: Hiden Analytical
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