LOT Oriel Summer Sale on all ILT Light Meters and Detectors

(Nanowerk News) LOT are offering 10% off all ILT Light Meters and Detectors until the end of August 2011.
International Light (ILT) offer the widest range of digital light meters and light detectors to measure a wide array of visible, UV, and infrared light sources such as lamps, LEDs, and lasers.
ILT also supply radiometers, photometers, colour meters and spectroradiometers.
Below are some of our most popular International Light products:
ILT950 - USB Portable Spectroradiometer
The ILT950 comes as a turn-key package complete with NIST-traceable calibration for making the widest array of standard irradiance and color measurements straight out of the box. Easily and accurately measures spectral irradiance, CCT, color coordinates, and more from 250 to 1050 nm with NIST-traceable calibrated accuracy
ILT1400 - Hand-held Radiometer/Photometer
The ILT1400 Radiometer / Photometer combines the latest technical innovations in low level current amplification technology with microprocessor controlled simplicity. The onboard computer interrogates each "smart" detector for units, calibration and range information, automatically displaying a calibrated reading in the correct optical units.
ILT1700 - Research Radiometer - Featuring USB Connectivity
The ILT1700 Research Radiometer and Photometer is the most versatile current measurement instrument in the world. Designed specifically to measure photodetector current, the ILT1700 maintains unmatched linearity over a 10 billion to 1 dynamic range.
For more information please visit LOT's website www.lotoriel.co.uk or call David Want on 01372 378822, e-mail [email protected]
Source: LOT Oriel (press release)
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