Herzan Introduces The Onyx Series

(Nanowerk News) Herzan LLC announces the release of The Onyx Series the highest performing, most cost effect passive isolation table on the market. This is the first passive vibration isolation table manufactured by Herzan, which brings its expertise in environmental solutions to the passive isolation market. The Onyx series is intricately tailored to have a minimal impact towards the footprint of the supported instrument, while maintaining the highest performance possible for a passive isolation system. The elegant black design not only meets the performance requirements of any application, but also provides a new aesthetic appeal to a market that has been lacking visually satisfying products.
The Onyx Series passive vibration isolation table
The Onyx Series
The ever expanding field of nanotechnology research requires the right equipment to get the job done efficiently. Each demanding application needs the assurance of having environmental noise mitigated from the research process. The Onyx Series affords the nanotechnology community this opportunity with its carefully designed isolation instrumentation.
The system provides excellent vibration isolation in a sleek, compact package that can fit into even the most cramped labs. The Onyx Series utilizes pneumatic sensory technology to provide vibration isolation to any instrumentation. The system is available with three standard models, with custom variations available to suit the needs of its customers.
"As optical microscopes and high-accuracy measuring instruments continue to proliferate across labs throughout the United States, a need for a cost-effective solution that doesn't sacrifice performance has become urgent," said Herzan President Ann Scanlan. "We've developed just such a solution with The Onyx Series." Herzan is known to be the leading supplier of environmental isolation systems to the SPM market. Herzan began working with makers and users of various SPMs to develop a solution which is ideally suited to the needs of the modern research lab. The result is The Onyx Series, a passive isolation system that is cost effective and high quality.
The Onyx Series will be available for demonstration in the US beginning July 2011. For more information or to request a demonstration, please visit www.Herzan.com or write to [email protected]
About Herzan
Herzan LLC is a comprehensive environmental solutions provider to the high precision research market. Herzan is headquartered in Laguna Hills, CA, with sales and service staff throughout the United States, Europe, and East Asia.
Source: Herzan (press release)
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