CG Green Carbon Announces Availability of High-Quality Nanodiamond Rods

(Nanowerk News) GC Green Carbon Inc. is pleased to announce that it is producing high quality nano diamond rods, and bringing oline carbon structures for applications including biomedical, analytical, solar, and communications.
Located in the interior of British Columbia, GC Green Carbon is utilizing waste carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in their patent pending process, allowing for green carbon credits in addition to the nano products.
The product offering includes diamond nano rods, medical grade nano diamonds, electrically conductive nano rods and diamonds, non-ferromagnetic nano diamond powders and dispersions and both nano fiber powders and dispersions.
A full range of sizes and grades are available.
To request a sample or purchase our product, please contact GC Green Carbon at: [email protected] or visit our website in late July at:
Source: GC Green Carbon (press release)
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