Bruker Announces New Website and Online Store for AFM Probes

(Nanowerk News) The Bruker Nano Surfaces division has launched a brand new website for atomic force microscopy (AFM) probes at Bruker, the company that has recently brought you Dimension FastScanTM, the world's fastest AFM, and ScanAsyst™, the first self-optimizing AFM, now has created a new website enabling the AFM community to easily find the probes best suited for their applications. Customers can search via keywords, by AFM mode, application, sample type, AFM instrument type or by using any combination of these attributes with a powerful new search wizard. AFM users can check back regularly for the latest updates on new probes/accessories, AFMs and AFM-related conferences and events.
The new site combines a traditional website with an e-commerce site, taking the online purchasing experience to a new level. With worldwide quotes and US-based credit card ordering, it is now much easier to place AFM probes and accessories orders online.
"As the worldwide leader in AFM instrumentation, Bruker is consistently driving and shaping the future of the industry," said David V. Rossi, Vice President and General Manager of Bruker's AFM Business. "With innovations such as ScanAsyst and Dimension FastScan, we have made high-performance AFMs much easier to use, faster and more productive. This new website is a natural step in our efforts to make AFM more accessible to all."
Dominic Paszkeicz, Bruker AFM Probes Business & Product Manager added: "Bruker's dedication to developing high-quality AFM probes, coupled with industry-leading expertise in AFM performance, uniquely equips us to deliver the most complete AFM solutions for the widest variety of applications."
About Bruker AFM Probes
Bruker is the only major AFM equipment manufacturer that also owns and operates a sophisticated AFM probe nanofabrication facility. As one of the world's largest probe users, Bruker has an intimate understanding of the value of every single component in a high-performance AFM system. These unparalleled strengths, combined with the new website, provide researchers with the leverage to access the full capabilities of their AFM instruments. Visitors to the new Bruker AFM Probes website will also be able to learn more about AFM applications in our Guide to SPM & AFM Modes.
Source: Bruker (press release)
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