Easily Useable Liquid POSS Hemostat Developed for Rapid Viscoelastic Clotting of Blood in Noncompressable Wounds

(Nanowerk News) Despite great advances, uncontrolled hemorrhage is still the leading cause of death on the battlefield as well as a serious challenge in civilian disasters. As a case in point, hemorrhagic control of noncompressable and open cavity injuries has thus far remained elusive to medical science. Teaming with the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Hybrid Plastics has developed a safe, novel and effective clotting (hemostatic) agent which can be applied either externally or internally.
It forms viscoelastic blood clots and produces complete or nearly complete stoppage of bleeding, and in all cases better cardiovascular stability. The POSSŪ is simply squirted into the wound and hemostasis is usually achieved without compression or bandage application. In anesthetized swine studies at the University of Mississippi Medical Center hemostatis was achieved in anywhere from seconds to under 3 minutes in artery, lung and liver wounds depending on the extent of injury. For high pressure femoral incisions clotting was achieved by applying POSSŪ to bandages placed over the wound without pressure.
The POSSŪ is clear and allows visualization of the wound and can be removed to allow surgical access. The strong adhesion and high viscosity of the POSSŪ produces a viscoelastic clot that is maintained during movement of the affected limb or interior wound cavity. Added benefits include: 1) mild antiseptic properties suppressing infection for up to 3 days; 2) mild analgesic properties and 3) a wound closure rate that is 40% faster. No cytotoxicity or tissue reactivity was observed in lab cell cultures or on the animal subjects.
Liquid POSS Agent Blood Platelet POSS Agent with Platelets Viscoelastic Clot Produced
Liquid POSS Agent Blood Platelet POSS Agent with Platelets Viscoelastic Clot Produced. (Photos Courtesy - Hybrid Plastics, Inc; University of Mississippi Medical Center and Brown University)
Hybrid has developed a platform technology called POSSŪ (Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane). It is a revolutionary new Nanotechnology based on silicon-derived building blocks that provide nanometer-scale control to dramatically improve the properties of traditional polymers. They release no VOCs and, thereby, produce no odor or air pollution. They are biocompatible and recyclable. POSSŪ nanoscopic chemical technology provides unique opportunities to create revolutionary material combinations through a melding of the desirable properties of ceramics and polymers at the 1 nm length scale. These new combinations enable the circumvention of classic material performance trade-offs by exploiting the synergy and properties that only occur between materials at the nanoscale.
The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has received a Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award. Frost & Sullivan stated "Hybrid Plastics' customer service is unparalleled in the high performance fillers market." Hybrid Plastics was one of five finalists in Small Times Magazine's 2002 Best of Small Tech Award. The company has received two R&D 100 Awards, most recently in 2009. In December 2005, a Presidential Determination deemed POSSŪ Nanotechnology to be in the strategic national interest of the United States. Investments made through Title III of the Defense Production Act supported the development and commercialization of this technology.
Source: GLOBALFOUNDRIES (press release)
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