HORIBA, Microfluidics and Particle Sciences Present Pharmaceutical Formulation Seminar

(Nanowerk News) HORIBA, Microfluidics and Particle Sciences today announced their Seminar event featuring experts who will discuss cutting edge practical approaches in pharmaceutical and vaccine formulation and development. The seminar, which will be of no cost to attendees, will also include a tour of HORIBA's laboratory complex. It will take place from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Tuesday, September 13, at HORIBA's facility in Irvine, California.
"The convergence of advance instrumentation, new methodologies for particle size control and breakthroughs in materials sciences have created new and exciting technologies being used today in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries," said Robert W. Lee, Ph.D., Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development, Particle Sciences. "HORIBA, Microfluidics and Particle Sciences are at the forefront of providing these tools and services. They will provide insight into them using real-world examples of how to leverage these innovations in product development efforts.
The seminar will include talks by:
Robert W. Lee, Ph.D., Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development, Particle Sciences, on
Particle Size Determination and Raman Spectroscopic Evaluation of a Semi-solid Vaginal Dosage Form, discussing particle size determination of API's in semi-solid gels and spectroscopic characterization of intravaginal rings (IVR's).
Thomas S. Vedvick, Ph.D., Director of Process Sciences, Infection Disease Research
Institute, on Using Microfluidics Technology for Global Health Vaccine Production, providing a discussion on the stable formulations of immune modulating molecules as stable emulsions, liposomes and other formulations.
Daniel Huang, Ph. D., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Fellow, on Particle Size Analysis for
Homogenization Process Development, investigating the effects of process conditions on droplet size and coalescence rate of the emulsion systems.
Peter Ying, Ph.D, Sr. Manager of Quality Control and Technical Services, Pacira
Pharmaceuticals on Development and Validation of a Particle Size Distribution Method for a Liposomal Injectable Drug, examining optimized distribution methodologies using HORIBA instrumentation.
There will be two iPad2 drawings during the event. Attendees can increase their chances of winning by registering early. Lunch will also be served during the meeting.
To attend the seminar event, please contact Carol Madden at [email protected] or 888-903-5001 ext. 1133. The HORIBA facility is located at 34 Bunsen, Irvine, CA.
The Scientific Division of HORIBA Instruments, Inc., is a world-leading manufacturer of measuring and analytical devices. The Irvine facility specializes in SLFA and particle size analyzers, providing a wide variety of instrumentation to meet the needs of numerous industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, semiconductors, and food and beverage. Visit http://www.horiba.com/us/particle for more information.
About Microfluidics
Microfluidics, an IDEX company, is the exclusive producer of Microfluidizer? high-shear fluid processors for uniform particle-size reduction, robust cell disruption and bottom-up nanoparticle creation. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, food and energy companies use the processors to research, develop, optimize efficiency for and guarantee scale-up of product formulations from lab to production. Microfluidics has installed more than 3,000 processors at customer sites in 50 countries around the world. The innovative Microfluidics Technology Center near Boston, MA, offers the expertise of engineers with a wide range of nanotech and application experience in proof-of-concept and process-development services. By producing smaller particle sizes and narrower distributions than other technologies, the Microfluidizer processor enables companies to create tiny particles that achieve big results. To learn more, visit http://www.microfluidicscorp.com.
About Particle Sciences
Particle Sciences is an integrated provider of drug development services. Using a number of delivery platforms ranging from nanoparticles, to solid solutions to drug eluting devices, Particle Sciences can tackle the most demanding drug delivery challenges. . Through a full range of formulation, analytic, and manufacturing services, Particle Sciences provides pharmaceutical companies with a complete and seamless development solution that minimizes the time and risk between discovery and the clinic. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Visit http://www.particlesciences.com, email [email protected] or contact us at (610) 861-4701 for information.
Source: HORIBA (press release)
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