NSG Precision Cells Offers Top of The Line Custom Quartz Flow Cell Manufacturing

(Nanowerk News) Through forward-thinking technology NSG Precision Cells is proud to offer the finest custom designed flow cells on the market. With over 50 years of expertise and satisfied customers, NSG Precision Cells is not only the most competitive in price but the best in quality.
Specializing in high-grade designing and manufacturing in fine quartz products; NSG Precision Cells leads the silica industry. Furthermore, NSG Precision Cells is associated with the Tosoh Quartz Inc. family, who is a worldwide company bringing state-of-the art technology and first-class products since 1935.
NSG Precision Cells is extremely knowledgeable in how to best construct, anneal, polish and fine tune quartz and glass manufacturing. They are not only able to make exact dimensions and tolerances that are specified for a company but can also guarantee full support for every flow cell even after acquisition.
NSG Precision Cells can specially customize a wide array of flow cells to fit a laboratory's needs; the following is a small list of what they can design:
  • Flow channel cuvettes
  • Quartz plates and discs
  • Quartz microfluidic chips
  • Flow cells for particle sizers
  • Cuvettes for particle counting
  • Liquid chromatography (LC) cuvettes
  • Alterations on standard stock cuvettes
  • Custom and standard flow cytometry (FCM) cells
  • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) detector cells
  • To request a particular design and assessment all that is required is a basic sketch with dimensions and tolerances. In addition, to assure that the specified flow cells are top quality, NSG Precision Cells makes enhancements if needed and asks pertinent questions. Usually the assessment is finished within a day of two.
    Prior to acquisition, for quality assurance each flow cell is thoroughly inspected by an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified inspection team in a class 5 clean room. The inspection process includes checking each cell for physical, optical, and functional defects. Likewise, after acquisition NSG Precision Cells will follow-up to make sure that the flow cells are working as specified. Furthermore, NSG guarantees that if there are problems then they will investigate the matter in depth until it is resolved.
    NSG Precision Cells has successfully addressed the rising scientific demands in today's silica industry. Some of the many benefits of NSG's flows cells include:
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Quality top of the line flow cells
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Prompt and stress-free quotation process
  • Exceptional customer service and support
  • Customer engraving and labeling available
  • Unsurpassed pricing on small and large quantities
  • As a world leader in glass and quartz manufacturing, NSG Precision Cells provides the ideal solution for the growing demands for quality and economical products. With cutting-edge technology and specialized custom designs, NSG secures the best flow cell for all types of scientific labs. Conclusively, NSG Precision Cells produces the most economical and utmost quality flow cell in the flow cytometry and silica industry.
    Source: NSG Precision Cells (press release)
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