Quantum Dot Based Technology Alliance Targets Major Diseases

(Nanowerk News) Alzheimer's, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Breast Cancer and Major Depression are the four theranostic clinical research targets of the new Quantum Materials Corporation and NanoAxis LLC Technology Alliance. The Alliance will develop new nanomedicine products for both diagnostic and pharmaceutical applications incorporating quantum dot technology. Quantum Materials Corp (QMC) tetrapod quantum dots (QD) and other QD semiconductor nanocrystals will serve as multiplexing platforms for NanoAxis' theranostic therapies in targeting receptors, imaging cells and tissues, and drug delivery of pharmaceutical compounds.
Laboratory research using biocompatible stable shells and coatings on colloidal quantum dots has increased dramatically in recent years but the commercial adoption of quantum dots has lagged due to their high expense and difficulty to manufacture industrial quantity. Quantum Materials Corporation's ability to synthesize a ready supply of customized quantum dots for different drug delivery mechanisms makes possible the ambitious concurrent pursuit of Alzheimer's, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Breast Cancer and Major Depression therapies in the alliance with NanoAxis.
The Technology Alliance will also develop new quantum dot biological microarray assays (QD-MI) devices using quantum dot technology for real time measurement of various cancer biomarkers for research, clinical applications, and product development. Quantum Dots are among the smallest man-made molecules. Synthesis of certain tetrapod quantum dots show superior luminescence in comparison to spheroid QD and dye chromophores, and their high surface to volume ratio facilitates an excellent binding affinity for antibodies, peptides, nucleic acids and other ligands. These qualities are vital for accurately detecting or imaging small samples or low concentrations of cells for quantitative analysis.
Dr. Bob Glass, CTO of Quantum Materials said, "We are entering an exciting new age of nanotechnology utilizing our tetrapod quantum dots made from a variety of chemicals. When merged with pharmacology, the implications for new techniques of drug delivery and interactions push the imagination. We can expect rapid advances in this field through our Alliance, thanks to our innovative techniques in producing inexpensive quantum dots on a continuous basis, thus reducing the cost of experimentation and the development of new treatments."
Quantum Material Corporation's previously announced new microreactor continuous flow processing manufacturing technology will provide the capacity necessary to insure the research and development projects can meet their commercial large scale production objectives for assay kits and for medical sales at the end of clinical trials.
About Quantum Materials Corporation, Inc. & NanoAxis, LLC
Quantum Material Corporation has a steadfast vision that advanced technology is the solution to the most challenging of global issues. Quantum Materials Corporation is devoted to the deployment of technologies to invigorate the development of disruptive solutions through cost reduction and moving laboratory discovery to commercialization with volume manufacturing methods to establish a growing line of innovative high performance products. (www.qdotss.com)
NanoAxis' mission is to create nanomedicine products that make a bench-to-bedside paradigm shift and positively impact patient care. NanoAxis is developing new therapies and diagnostics for detection, measurement and treatment of medical conditions and diseases including chronic pain, depression, Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes and influenza.
Source: Quantum Material Corporation (press release)
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