Nanotech Security Corp. to Provide Banknote Manufacturers With World's First Authentication Nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Nanotech Security Corp. has reached a major milestone in authentication and anti-counterfeiting security technology developed by replicating nano-scale structures similar to those found on the wings of the iridescent Morpho Butterfly.
Nanotech Security Corp. is pleased to announce its team of researchers have successfully created the world's first master shim, or master die, that manufacturers can use to reproduce nano-holes in a variety of materials - including banknotes - in large volumes quickly and cost-effectively without changing the manufacturing process.
Nanotech brings the next generation of authentication technology
"Proving that our technology can be re-created successfully with the use of a master shim was a crucial step in making it available for commercial use to our potential partners," said Doug Blakeway, CEO and chairman of Nanotech Security Corp.
"This milestone makes our technology accessible and affordable to banknote manufacturers, while allowing them to maintain the highest level of security they require."
Billions lost from counterfeiting; nanotechnology make it virtually impossible to forge
Because it requires highly-specialized equipment in the tens of millions of dollars, patented algorithms and extensive scientific expertise to replicate the unique nano-structures, Nanotech Security Corp.'s technology is more secure than current authentication features such as watermarks and holograms – both of which can be forged using readily available printing equipment.

In Canada alone, businesses lose an estimated half a billion dollars a year because of counterfeiting. Counterfeiting has been described by the FBI as the crime of the 21st century. According to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition Inc., a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization, counterfeiting is a $600 billion a year problem worldwide annually, with U.S. businesses alone suffering up to $250 billion in unnecessary costs each year.

Nanotech Security Corp. has had ongoing discussions with numerous third parties, and has now been asked to produce master shims for commercial trials by a number of those parties.

Fully customizable, substrate independent, master shims proven to work on banknotes

This shim is fully customizable using a technique called QuickShift®. Nanotech Security Corp. can control and specify what colors are created when the angle of view is changed along with the ability to replicate images.

Nanotech Security Corp's master shim is customizable in size from microns to centimeters. On the shim, stand tens to hundreds of millions of nano-scale pillars and from this master, multiple shims can be manufactured. By imprinting these shims into a material, the pillars emboss a grid of nano-scale holes, creating a signature iridescent effect, similar to that of the Morpho Butterfly.

The company has replicated the features of the master stamp on banknote-grade polypropylene, polyethylene (PET) and acetates.

To facilitate the ramp up to customer acquisition, Nanotech Security Corp. is in the process of adding to its team three scientists from Toronto specializing in nano-optics.

About Nanotech Security Corp
With a rich history in law enforcement and security applications, Nanotech Security Corporation has embarked on a new venture bringing world class nanotechnology from Simon Fraser University to the authentication and anti-counterfeiting market.
Founded in 1985, Nanotech Security has evolved substantially, successfully implementing devices and technology in areas of criminal justice, infrared night-viewing, tracking security and forensics.
In early 2009, a team of researchers at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, had developed a technology to use specialized nano-optics in authentication for documentation. The practice of replicating the shimmering effect of a Morpho Butterfly's wings using patented algorithms with electron and ion beam technology was developed, fabricating up to hundreds of millions of nano-holes into a wide variety of materials.
In addition to being used in a covert manner, as in a hidden authentication method, this nano-optic technology can be employed overtly, where it is easily detectable with the naked eye. The company is working to enhance security firstly for banknotes but the practical applications are wide-spread as the method can be deployed on a wide variety of materials. Future uses include authenticating legal documents, retail merchandise, concert tickets, tobacco tax stamps, medical & credit cards, visa's & passports, and pharmaceuticals. More information on the company can be found at
Source: Nanotech Security Corp (press release)
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