Nanotechnology Company Fulcrum Stable Proteins Raises $2.3m

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology composite materials developer Fulcrum Stable Proteins Ltd. unit Fulcum SP Materials Ltd. has raised $2.3 million from Docor International Management Ltd., Maayan Ventures Ltd., IVIC Tech LP, Chiara Di Segni Shilat, Shikma AMR Ltd, SOL Partners Ltd., HF Partners, i-Networks, International Ventures Investment Ltd., Tango Engineering, and Alon Fine. .
Fulcrum was founded in Maayan Ventures' incubator Rotem Industries Ltd. in 2007. The company has developed a propriety protein to coat and bind nanoparticles to fabrics, and to disperse nanoparticles in matrixes and adhesives to enhance the performance of carbon polymer-based materials such as fiberglass and Kevlar. The product is lighter and stronger than steel and aluminum, and can be used in the aerospace, construction, ballistic armor, sporting equipment, and cleantech industries.
Fulcrum SP estimates the composite materials market at $21 billion. The company's technology is based on discoveries by Prof. Oded Shoseyov and Prof. Arie Altman of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who serve as the company's scientific advisors.
Fulcrum SP CEO Nimrod Litvak said, "The combination of biotechnology, nanotechnology, and composite materials creates technological and business opportunities. Fulcrum is the first company in the world to harness proteins and nanoparticles for use in composite materials, paving the way for the creation of lighter and stronger materials than what is currently on the market."
Fulcrumm SP chairman Aviad Friedman said that the company's development would revolutionize industries that use composite materials. "Treating fabrics with the process we developed makes them much more resistant, stronger, and lighter compared with untreated fabrics."
Source: Globes Business News
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