NT-MDT Shares Its SPM Expertise at Workshops in Russia and China

(Nanowerk News) Dr. Sergey Magonov - a recognized authority of scanning probe microscopy and a world-wide renowned scientist - prepared a special scientific workshop "Visualization of surfaces with the extreme resolution and study of local mechanical and electrical properties".
During the workshop Dr. Magonov drew participants' attention to the detailed analysis of the possibilities and limitations of SPM as a methodical approach.
Practically receipt of the dependable data, which is necessary to precisely visualize the surface structure and to make an accurate quantitative analysis of local properties, is not an easy process and often can be more complex due to artifacts.
Dr. Magonov talk about the possibilities and limitations of SPM
Dr. Magonov talk about the possibilities and limitations of SPM.
The solution to the problem includes rational choice of the probe, measuring method and optimal experimental parameters. Properly prepared and correctly conducted experiments considerably facilitates their analysis, especially taking into account the effect of the probe and level of the force interaction.
The first scientific workshop was held in early September in Shanghai (China). Afterwards it moved to Moscow (Russia) in the Institute of Crystallography (Russian Academy of Sciences). In both countries the workshops attracted keen interest of the audience. Totally over 150 people participated in the workshops.
NT-MDT intends to increase its efforts in developing a scientific basis of the SPM. We will continue to work with leading specialists in SPM and it's one of the most important directions of our management in the production of up-to-date equipment.
To see full abstracts of the award-winning ideas, visit www.blueoceangrants.com.
Source: NT-MDT (press release)
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