Posted: August 2, 2007

Chipmakers Slow To Pursue Nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) An article in today's Investor's Business Daily says that the tech-savvy chip industry hasn't been at the nanotechnology forefront, worried about costs and other risks.
Titled "Chipmakers slow to pursue nanotechnology" the article quotes Pravin Narwankar, chief technology officer for the India unit of No. 1 chip gear maker Applied Materials as saying "The semiconductor industry is paranoid about making changes. It will probably be one of the last (fields) to use advanced nanotech."
Nanotech proponents are increasingly lobbying chipmakers to get aboard. They say nanotech risks losing government funding if chipmakers stay mostly on the nanotech sidelines.
A drop in nanotech funding could have consequences. Japan and Europe are spending a lot on nanotech chip design. Without enough government funding, the U.S. could fall behind in chipmaking.
Source: Investor's Business Daily
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