Medistem Collaborates on Nanoparticle siRNA Finding for Treatment of Ischemic Conditions

(Nanowerk News) Medistem Inc., a clinical stage adult stem cell company, reported today on a publication of a novel method of preventing transplant-associated ischemic liver injury using a nanotechnology delivery system that selectively targets hepatocytes.
In collaboration with Dr. Wei-Ping Min from the University of Western Ontario, the group demonstrated that nanoparticle administration of targeted short interfering RNA (siRNA) was effective at protecting livers from damage caused by oxygen and nutrient deprivation.
"During transplantation, since organs are transported across great distances, the cells undergo what is called 'ischemic injury' as a result of being outside of the body," said Thomas Ichim, CEO of Medistem. "The company is currently using its Endometrial Regenerative Cell (ERC) universal donor stem cell product to treat ischemia in legs and hearts. Through the collaboration with Dr. Wei-Ping Min's lab, Medistem is trying to elucidate molecular mechanisms of ischemic injury as well as develop additional pipeline candidates."
The peer-reviewed paper describing the discovery, titled, "Targeted gene silencing of TLR4 using liposomal nanoparticles for preventing liver ischemia reperfusion injury," was published in the American Journal of Transplantation ("Targeted gene silencing of TLR4 using liposomal nanoparticles for preventing liver ischemia reperfusion injury")). The technology described in the publication can theoretically be applied to ischemic conditions including stroke, heart attack, and bypass-associated kidney failure.
"Medistem is one of the few companies that not only has clinically developed stem cell products, but also has a strong academic interest in understanding the biological mechanisms by which conditions like ischemic injury are manifested," said Dr. Wei-Ping Min, Senior Author of the publication. "The fact that Medistem received FDA approval to begin clinical trials using their stem cells attests to the fact that the company possesses substantial scientific depth while still pursuing an aggressive commercialization program."
About Medistem Inc.
Medistem Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing technologies related to adult stem cell extraction, manipulation, and use for treating inflammatory and degenerative diseases. The company's lead product, the endometrial regenerative cell (ERC), is a "universal donor" stem cell being developed for critical limb ischemia. A publication describing the support for use of ERC for this condition may be found at . ERC can be purchased for scientific use through Medistem's collaborator, General Biotechnology . Veterinary uses of ERC are being commercialized by RenovoCyte LLC ( ) under exclusive license with Medistem.
Source: Medistem (press release)
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