New Hiden QIC Biostream Monitor

(Nanowerk News) The Hiden QIC-series gas analyser range is boosted by the introduction of the QIC Biostream system specifically configured for real-time, continuous multi-stream analysis of both headspace and dissolved species evolving from and within varied bio reaction processes. All gaseous species with molecular weights below 300 amu can be measured.
Hiden Proteus Multistream Selector
Hiden Proteus Multistream Selector.
Systems are available with a choice of application-specific process interfaces including fast, automated stream switching modules. The Hiden Proteus rotary selector valve is used for sequencing from up to 80 individual sampling lines, and the system is adaptable to operate with low sample flow rates of just 4mL/min up to rates of 10L/min. Purpose-designed membrane interfaces are offered for measurement of dissolved gases and vapours and accommodate both insertion and flow-through applications. Applications include analysis of fermentation and synthetic processes, biogas production, monitoring in media such as sea water and soils, and studies of general microbiological processes.
A custom design service is available for specialised applications. For further information on all Hiden Analytical products contact Hiden Analytical at [email protected] or visit the main website at
Source: Hiden (press release)
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