US Patent Issued to Showa Denko for Method for Producing Vapor Grown Carbon Nanotubes

(Nanowerk News) United States Patent no. 8,043,596, issued on Oct. 25, was assigned to Showa Denko K.K. (Tokyo).
"Method for Producing Vapor Grown Carbon Nanotube" was invented by Tetsuo Soga (Aichi, Japan), Maheshwar Sharon (Maharashtra, India) and Rakesh Ashok Afre (Aichi, Japan).
The invention provides a method for producing carbon nanotubes, comprising spraying an oil onto a catalyst metal supported by at least one support selected from the group consisting of silica gel, alumina, magnesia, silica-alumina and zeolite which is placed in an atmosphere that has been controlled to a specific temperature, and an apparatus therefor. According to the invention, a large amount of carbon nanotubes can be synthesized from inexpensive raw materials by using a simple apparatus.
Source: USPTO
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