Herzan Introduces The AEK-2011 Accoustic Dampening Enclosure

(Nanowerk News) Herzan LLC announces the release of the AEK-2011—the most efficient acoustic isolating enclosure ever produced by Herzan. With over 58 cubic feet of interior space, the AEK-2011 is a high quality enclosure designed to house larger SPM setups that include IO microscopes, lasers, cameras and other related equipment. Rather than purchasing multiple enclosures for various instruments, the AEK-2011 is a cost effective, high performance solution to house extensive applications.
AEK-2011 dampening enclosure
The AEK-2011
The AEK-2011 was developed with end users and instrument manufacturers to make an enclosure multifaceted in its application and perfectly suited for any instrument requiring acoustic isolation. The 2011 comes standard with removable front doors, removable side-access doors, multiple cable access ports and high quality latching hardware that creates an air-tight seal to ensure optimal acoustic isolation. With the myriad of customizable features available to all Herzan enclosures, the AEK-2011 continues the legacy of being exceptionally customizable, accessible and affordable.
The AEK-2011 is very effective in providing comprehensive acoustic isolation, with over 40 dB Sound Loss from 40 – 2500 Hz. Setups combining Atomic Force Microscopes, Inverted Light Microscopes and Laser Light Sources will find the AEK-2011 to be the perfect combination of accessibility and acoustic isolation performance. With enough interior space to house multiple Herzan vibration isolation platforms, the AEK-2011 becomes a comprehensive solution to controlling noise in any environment.
The AEK-2011 will be available for purchase in the global market beginning November 2011. For more information, please visit www.herzan.com or write to [email protected]
About Herzan
Herzan LLC is a comprehensive environmental solutions provider to the high precision research market. Herzan is headquartered in Laguna Hills, CA, with sales and service staff throughout the United States, Europe, and East Asia.
Source: Herzan (press release)
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