DCG Systems Introduces the Next Generation OptiFIB for Circuit Edit to the 22nm Node and Beyond

(Nanowerk News) DCG Systems, Inc. introduced today the OPTIFIB Viper, the next generation system for circuit edit. The OptiFIB IV has been the leader in circuit edit (CE) and is actively used by leading semiconductor companies to edit process technologies down to the 28nm node. The OptiFIB Viper incorporates a new coaxial photon-ion column to provide spot sizes 50% smaller than those of the OptiFIB-IV. Further, OptiFIB Viper operates seamlessly at lower beam energies avoiding damage to sensitive materials and enables the best endpoint capability at sub-pA beam currents in the market today. OptiFIB Viper has all the essential capabilities to edit through the dimensional and material challenges of technologies beyond 22 nm.
The feedback from the first customer has been: "It's an amazing accomplishment to extend so dramatically the resolution and accelerating voltage capabilities of the gallium ion column, particularly considering that the working distance remains fundamentally unchanged and coaxial photon imaging is equally compelling to the user."
Shrinking device geometry, increasing circuit density, decreasing defect size and new defect types are creating daunting challenges for failure analysis engineers. The platform's flexibility extends the life of the vital system in an environment that is rapidly evolving. The OptiFIB Viper brings productivity and accuracy allowing customers to validate changes quickly on today's most challenging processes and new materials.
"Our successful launch and install of OptiFIB Viper shows our commitment to continue our leadership by providing the next generation circuit edit solutions through constant innovation and strategic partnership with leading IDMs," stated Dr Israel Niv, CEO of DCG Systems. "We have secured a solid road map for the next three years in providing circuit edit solutions through focused innovation in chemistries and ion beam operating parameters."
Benefits include:
  • At low beam currents small-geometry device features are more easily resolved
  • Practical resolution at 15kVand below so sensitive materials are edited without damage
  • Better sample exchange pump-down efficiency
  • In-chamber stage and jet movement observation camera for user reference
  • Improved flexibility and opportunity to duplicate frequently used apertures with the Increased number of apertures
  • About DCG Systems
    DCG Systems, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Fremont, California, is the leading provider of semiconductor debug and characterization solutions for the semiconductor industry. With operations in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and Germany, DCG delivers competitive cost and performance advantages to integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), wafer foundries and fabless chip companies worldwide. DCG Systems is comprised of the former Schlumberger/NPTest Probe Systems division, Optonics, Inc., Hypervision, Inc., Zyvex Instruments, LLC, and Thermosensorik GmbH, with an installed base of over 950 systems worldwide. For more information please visit www.dcgsystems.com.
    Source: DCG Systems (press release)
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