Digital Surf Releases MountainsMap 6.2 Surface Imaging and Metrology Software

(Nanowerk News) Digital Surf announced the release of MountainsMap© 6.2 surface imaging and metrology software. The new software integrates Chinese GB/T standard references for surface texture parameter families thereby extending the MountainsMap© "right parameters wherever you are" feature to include eight national references in addition to ISO references.
It also supports the new ISO 25178-72 (OpenGPS) X3P data format and six other data formats for optical and scanning probe microscopes. Numerous new features speed up the creation of surface metrology reports and provide enhanced surface imaging and analysis.
In addition a new application allows users to install optional modules for advanced surface analysis and to try them free of charge for up to 30 days: a wide range of modules is available including modules for advanced surface texture analysis in accordance with the latest ISO 25178 and ISO 16610 standards.
MountainsMap 6.2 surface imaging and metrology software
MountainsMap 6.2 surface imaging and metrology software includes numerous optional modules – for example advanced surface texture analysis, grains and particles analysis, 3D Fourier analysis and statistics - that are available on free trial.
MountainsMap© 6.2 streamlines the surface analysis process and speeds up surface metrology report creation. New automation tools facilitate the separation of two steps: preprocessing surface measurements and carrying out metrological analysis. Real time previews of the results of applying preprocessing and metrological operators save time during report creation.
MountainsMap© 6.2 also includes many new features that enhance different surface imaging and analysis applications and provide greater data security. Higher quality images and smooth edges are obtained during resampling using new spline interpolation methods. Sub-surfaces that require independent analysis can be extracted from geometric and layered surfaces with or without automatic leveling. The dimensional analysis of micro and nano contours is accelerated by a tool that automatically associates line segments, arcs and circles with features on profiles during the definition of nominal form. The analysis of protein unfolding adhesion events in accordance with the worm-like chain model in atomic force microscopy applications benefits from greater sensitivity. In addition a new auto-save tool maximizes data security: the current document is auto-saved every 15 minutes and auto-saved files can be retrieved for up to 48 hours.
"MountainsMap 6.2 underlines our commitment to support both international and national surface metrology standards, to provide optimized interactive and automated tools, and to give users the opportunity to try our software without any obligation," stated François Blateyron, Chief Operations Officer of Digital Surf. "Users of MountainsMap© 6.0 and 6.1 can download a free MountainsMap© 6.2 update while users of earlier versions of MountainsMap© software can benefit from a straightforward upgrade path."
More information:
Digital Surf, founded in 1989, specializes in providing surface analysis software for all types of surface metrology instrument including 2D and 3D profilometers, optical microscopes and scanning probe microscopes. Imaging and analysis software based on Digital Surf's Mountains Technology® is integrated by leading instrument manufacturers and is used in thousands of laboratories and industrial facilities working in numerous sectors including aerospace, automotive, cosmetics, energy, MEMS, materials research, medical, metallurgy, nanostructures, optics, paper, PCB, plastics, polymers, printing, semiconductor, etc.
Source: Digital Surf (press release)
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