Applied Materials Joins Irish Strategic Research Cluster on Advanced Materials for Electronics

(Nanowerk News) Applied Materials, Inc., the global leader in providing equipment to enable the manufacture of advanced semiconductor devices, has joined the Science Foundation Ireland-funded Strategic Research Cluster FORME (Functional Oxides and Related Materials for Electronics). The research cluster, led by Tyndall National Institute, UCC and working at a university site in Cork, Ireland, focuses on the development of materials and processes to enable the production of faster, smaller, more power-efficient logic processors for computing and associated memory and data storage issues.
"We are delighted to welcome Applied Materials to the research cluster. As a global industry leader, Applied Materials brings with it extensive knowledge and experience in the design of processes and equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing," says Prof. Martyn Pemble, Tyndall Researcher and Head of the FORME Strategic Research Cluster.
Micheal Hill, Applied Materials with Ms Maire Geoghegan Quinn, EU Commissioner for Reseacher, Innovation and Science
Micheal Hill, Applied Materials with Ms Maire Geoghegan Quinn, EU Commissioner for Reseacher, Innovation and Science at Tyndall National Institute
"FORME was created in 2007 and since its inception the group has produced exciting results in the area of advanced CMOS technology. Applied Materials possesses an enormous amount of expertise in one of our key technology areas - atomic layer deposition (ALD). The fact that Applied Materials chose FORME and Tyndall after a global search for a new academic partner clearly demonstrates the worth of our work as perceived by the electronics industry," adds Pemble.
"Applied Materials is excited to invest in this research project and we would like to thank Industrial Development Agency (IDA) Ireland for their support," said Klaus Schuegraf, Chief Technology Officer of Applied Materials' Silicon Systems Group. "We are impressed with the quality of work and results achieved to date. Applied will provide and install multi-chamber state-of-the-art ALD equipment at the Tyndall research facility. Also, we have a full-time member of our staff as a Researcher in Residence working directly alongside the Tyndall academic and industry partners. "
"Intel Ireland was one of the original partners in the cluster and we are really pleased that a major equipment supplier has demonstrated its commitment to the field by contributing to the research capability of the academic team at Tyndall," commented Leonard Hobbs, Research Programme Manager, Intel.
Research work to investigate ALD processes on the newly commissioned ALD system from Applied Materials is expected to begin immediately and continue for at least two years
The Applied Materials Ireland team is playing a key role in enabling this research project with engineering expertise and maintenance support. Applied Materials Ireland has supported leading semiconductor customers since 1992 with a mobile Irish workforce, many of whom operate in global functions, out of its Maynooth Business Park operations near Dublin.
Source: Aurrion (press release)
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