Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies Signs Joint Development Framework Agreement with Major Equipment Supplier

(Nanowerk News) Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies today announced the signing of a Joint Development Agreement with ASM International N.V. (ASM). The agreement provides a framework within which a variety of new projects will be executed over the course of the coming five years.
Under the terms of the agreement, Fraunhofer CNT and ASM will develop new processes and integration methods, starting on ASM's Advance® series A412 300 mm vertical batch furnace configured for atomic layer deposition (ALD) and low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD). Fraunhofer CNT will provide space and infrastructure for the A412 system in its clean room. In the first project, the objective is to develop and integrate novel batch ALD processes and materials for use in CMOS logic technology.
In addition to 40 clean room tools, scientists at Fraunhofer CNT offer considerable expertise in process and materials characterization as well as the characterization of nano-electronic devices. Pre-processed test or product wafers provided by ASM or its customers will be processed at Fraunhofer CNT under strict cross contamination requirements as developed through several years in cooperation with leading edge IC manufacturers. Thus, the results can be transferred immediately into production. This enables our partners to reduce their capital expenditures and accelerate their developments.
Prof. Peter Kücher, head of the Fraunhofer CNT stated, "We are looking forward to a successful long term cooperation in developing innovative, cost competitive processes for CVD and ALD together with a leading global equipment supplier such as ASM".
Ivo Raaijmakers, Chief Technology Officer of ASM added, "We have successfully collaborated with CNT for over 5 years, and are confident that this new cooperative R&D framework will enable other successful projects".
About Fraunhofer CNT
Fraunhofer CNT, which was established on 31st May 2005, is an example of the close cooperation between research and manufacturing for which Dresden offers excellent conditions. Due to its advantageous location within the "Silicon Saxony", it provides ideal collaboration opportunities for research institutes and material/equipment manufacturers in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics.
Within the premises of Infineon there is a clean room area (clean room class 1000) of about 800 m² available for the research of Fraunhofer CNT as well as an infrastructure which meets industry standard. The main focus is on the development of special process steps for the manufacturing of high performance chips as well as process modules to be integrated in micro- or nanoelectronic systems. Furthermore, Fraunhofer CNT works on the development of new analytic and metrology methods and on the analysis of wafer processing results for which considerable laboratories are available.
Source: Fraunhofer CNT (press release)
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