Quantachrome Announces Webinar "Physical Adsorption Characterization of Nanoporous Carbons"

(Nanowerk News) This Webinar is the second in a series addressing the proper analysis of physisorption isotherms in order to obtain an accurate and comprehensive surface and pore size/volume characterization of nanoporous materials.
Dr Matthias Thommes, Quantachrome's Director of Applied Science, will present the state-or-the-art characterization of disordered active carbons but will also focus on the challenges which come with the emergence of novel materials with pre-designed pore morphology (obtained by synthesis routes which make use of structure directing agents, or hard templates). The application of classical, macroscopic thermodynamic methods as well modern methods based on statistical mechanics (e.g. non-local density functional theory (NLDFT), quenched solid density functional theory (QSDFT) ) will be contrasted.
This live presentation takes place on December 15. Places are limited and cannot be guaranteed, so please send an email to request your invitation to [email protected]
Future Webinars will be dedicated to the textural characterization of specific types of nanoporous materials (e.g., micro-mesoporous carbons, mesoporous silicas, zeolites/MOFs etc. , thin films etc...).

Starting on: December 15, 2011, 10:30am EST

And Running Until: 11:05am EST

Source: Quantachrome (press release)
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