FibeRio Ships Cyclone FE 1.1 Nanofiber Production System to Kertak Nanotechnology for Ceramics Applications

(Nanowerk News) FibeRio Technology Corporation announced a shipment today of its new continuous nanofiber production system, the Cyclone FE 1.1, to Kertak Nanotechnology, a leading manufacturer of ceramic nanofibers. Located in the Czech Republic, Kertak is manufacturing and supplying cutting edge ceramic nanofibers to a broad range of industries including batteries, fuel cells, catalysts, solar cells and high end cosmetics.
Ceramic nanofibers have been extensively researched and the outstanding properties have been heralded by advanced materials experts for quite some time. Commercialization, however, has been hampered by low yield and expensive manufacturing platforms. After an extensive comparative analysis of technologies from around the world, Kertak found that the Cyclone FE 1.1 with Forcespinning™ technology was the most cost effective and high output nanofiber equipment on the market. Forcespinning™ technology uses centrifugal force to make fibers in the nanoscale, which increases productivity by an order of magnitude at one quarter of the cost of other platforms such as electrospinning. Kertak intends to utilize the Cyclone FE 1.1 to combine their expertise in ceramic nanofibers with the high output of Forcespinning™ to provide their customers with advanced ceramic materials for end products that are economically feasible and profitable.
"As a leader in ceramic nanofibers, we have been searching for a way to provide our customers with more cost effective products and to meet the rapidly increasing demand for this advanced material" said Kertak CEO Daniel Mozis. "We are proud to now have that capability with the Cyclone FE 1.1, which has proven to overcome the previous limitations of electrospinning equipment and will enable our customers to utilize the properties of this media to make the most advanced ceramic nanofiber based products in the world."
The Cyclone FE 1.1 is the first industrial scale nanofiber production system to enable Forcespinning™ technology and is capable of both melt and solution spinning fibers, which increases productivity and expands the range of materials that can be processed. FibeRio launched the FE 1.1 in November at the INDA Filtration 2011 conference in Chicago to much praise from industry, but the company insists that this is just the beginning.
"Now that we have scaled Forcespinning™ technology to industrial volumes, we will continue to ramp up both the size and output of our Cyclone FE product line" says FibeRio CEO Ellery Buchanan. He went on to say that, "FibeRio is committed to providing our customers with a manufacturing platform and high quality equipment that gives them a competitive advantage for years to come."
About FibeRio
FibeRio Technology Corporation provides the technology and capital equipment to transform the materials market through the unlimited availability of nanofibers. The company is headquartered in its manufacturing facility in McAllen, TX. For more information, please visit or call 956-207-5448.
About Kertak
Kertak Nanotechnology is the manufacturer and supplier of inorganic nanofibers produced by industrial-scale technology. Ketak possesses technology which enable them to take the position of the world leader in the production of inorganic nanofibers. Thanks to their strong research and development they are the reliable partner for the development of new final applications, which would be impossible without nanotechnology.
Source: FibeRio (press release)
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