Manufacturing A Superb Flow Cytometry Flow Cell

(Nanowerk News) With over 40 years of progressive technology in manufacturing cuvettes and flow cells NSG Precision Cells meets the needs of today's laboratory scientists in price as well as quality. Providing advanced technology NSG Precision Cells delivers one of the most custom designed flow cells on the market.
Since 2001, NSG Precision Cells has provided over 20,000 micro-volume products that have been utilized in molecular diagnostics labs, core labs and quality control (QC) labs. Not only are their products custom designed to fit researchers needs but they are also guaranteed.
With immense experience and knowledge NSG Precision Cells is highly skilled in assembling, fine tuning and forging glass and quartz products that you can depend on. With supreme accuracy and a promise for full support NSG Precision Cells delivers exact dimensions as well as specified tolerances to meet the needs of a company.
Not only is NSG Precision Cells able to make exact dimensions and tolerances that are specified for a laboratory but can also guarantee full support for every flow cell even after acquisition. To meet the requests of most any laboratories, special designs can include some of the following: Flow cytometry cells, flow channel cuvettes, particle counting flow cell, flow cells for particle sizers, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) detector cells, and much more.
For quality assurance and ease of mind each flow cell and cuvette is inspected by an ISO certified inspection team in a Class 5 clean room. The inspection process includes full optical, physical and if necessary, functional defects. As well, each flow cell or cuvette is catered to the precise dimensions and tolerances that are specified by the user.
With NSG Precision Cells you can be assured that a product is of top quality and that you have full support after delivery. As well, NSG follows up to ensure that the flow cells are functioning as intended. At any time a flow cell or cuvette is having difficulties such as a leak or malfunction the NSG Precision Cells team will make any improvement necessary. In fact, the team will troubleshoot right alongside you until the matter is resolved.
NSG Precision Cells supplies state-of the-art products that are specially designed to your liking. Some of the many benefits of every custom flow cell include: no minimum order quantities , custom labeling and engraving, a quick and stress-free quotation process, competitive pricing for both small and large quantities, world leading products in glass and quartz manufacturing, knowledgeable and friendly customer support and service.
At NSG Precision Cells, their specialty is supreme quality designing and the manufacturing of products that offers assured support. Through cutting edge technology and years of expertise outstanding quality and service is not only available but guaranteed. In effect, laboratory scientists can meet the demands for excellence and create solutions as needed. Ultimately, NSG flow cells are unquestionably the ideal solution for any lab.
Source: NSG Precision Cells (press release)
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