GT Advanced Technologies Announces $101M Order For CVD Reactors and Ancillary Equipment

(Nanowerk News) GT Advanced Technologies Inc., today announced that it has received a $101.3 million dollar order for CVD reactors and ancillary production equipment from an incumbent polysilicon producer. This is a follow-on order to an engineering services contract booked in the second quarter of FY12. The new order had been included in GT's backlog for its Q3 FY12, which ended on December 31, 2011.
"This sale is a noteworthy milestone as it represents the first time GT has sold its CVD reactors to one of the large incumbent polysilicon producers," said Tom Gutierrez, president, chief executive officer of GT. "It further demonstrates our ability to supply the polysilicon industry with highly efficient equipment and services that enable the production of low-cost, high quality polysilicon. We have worked with this customer for some time and we look forward to continuing to support their business with GT equipment and services."
About GT Advanced Technologies Inc.
GT Advanced Technologies Inc. is a global provider of polysilicon production technology, and sapphire and silicon crystalline growth systems and materials for the solar, LED and other specialty markets. The company's products and services allow its customers to optimize their manufacturing environments and lower their cost of ownership. For additional information about GT Advanced Technologies, please visit
Source: GT Advanced Technologies (press release)
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