Posted: August 20, 2007

Lighter, Stronger Nanotechnology Materials Create New Opportunities For Boat Builders

(Nanowerk News) Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA today unveiled the world's first line of personal watercraft hulls, decks and liners manufactured with a proprietary nano-engineered material called NanoXcel(TM) that significantly increases performance by decreasing weight by 25 percent.
Yamaha introduced the NanoXcel hulls, decks and liners on its new SHO(TM) and HO WaveRunners(R) during opening ceremonies of the company's worldwide dealer conference that began yesterday in Sandestin, Florida.
Yamaha utilizes a state of the art, environmentally-sound, high compression molded process to create its personal watercraft hulls, decks and liners. The investment in this unique process enables the creation and exploitation of a range of new technologies on the cutting edge of engineering. In an effort to reduce weight and increase performance, Yamaha engineers have deployed an exclusive, nanotechnology formula, called NanoXcel, in its hull, deck and liner manufacturing.
The result is an important manufacturing achievement – the ability to create hulls, decks and liners that are 25 percent lighter than before while being significantly stronger.
Yamaha's announcement marks the industry's first significant evolution in hull and deck construction in decades and begins a new era of technological advancements aimed at meeting the comfort and performance characteristics demanded by a new generation of boat buyers.
"Consumers will instantly be able to feel the difference provided by NanoXcel. The lighter weight material, with its remarkably smooth finish, is more nimble and agile in the water than anything else we've sold," says Mark Speaks, president of Yamaha Watercraft Group. "We will be continuing our pursuit of advanced technologies wherever we can find real benefit to the consumer."
Source: Yamaha Motor Corporation
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