Tetra Series, Scalable Plasma Surface Modification Equipment

(Nanowerk News) The Tetra Series low pressure plasma surface modification equipment from Henniker Scientific is now available with a range of chamber sizes suitable for both laboratory development and industrial scale plasma surface treatments.
Chamber volumes of between 2L and 12,000L permit the direct transfer of any developed plasma surface engineering process from the laboratory to an industrial setting, addressing a fundamental requirement of process scalability.
Permanent hydrophobic plasma surface modification of textiles
Permanent hydrophobic plasma surface modification of textiles.
Processes are available for both ultra-fine surface cleaning, to enhance bonding characteristics of difficult to join surfaces, and for deposition of permanent nano-scale polymer surfaces, which can render a surface completely hydrophobic or hydrophilic in nature without affecting the bulk material characteristics.
Plasma surface modification applications with the Tetra Series are wide ranging, from improved bonding in medical device manufacture to enhancing the properties of advanced aerospace and automotive composites.
More information: http://www.henniker-scientific.com/
Source: Henniker Scientific (press release)
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