Nano Med Tech Researchers Develop Nanoparticle Application to Improve Antibiotics

(Nanowerk News) Nano Med Tech researchers are developing multi-chambered nanoparticles that are attracted to infected cells but harmless to healthy tissues. When integrated into antibiotics, they will make the drugs much more effective by ensuring that they reach only those cells in need of treatment. As the particles have been specifically engineered to penetrate through the bacterial cell membranes, researchers are confident that these new drugs should be far more effective in fighting diseases that were previously highly resistant to antibiotics.
There is great optimism that the new nanoparticles can eventually be incorporated into hand sanitizers and soap. Such developments could all but put an end to extremely aggressive infections such as staph, which has, for many years, plagued medical facilities.
Liang Xiu, Nano Med Tech's head researcher on the program elaborated, stating that, "There are more bacteria located on one person's hand than there are people currently living on the planet earth. This discovery will allow medical professionals, and eventually even lay consumers, to disinfect both bodies and surfaces to a greater extent than previously thought possible. The beauty of this discovery is that it will eventually allow us to synthesize products that can seek out and destroy harmful bacteria, without destroying the 'good' bacteria that the body uses. As anyone knows who has taken a high dosage of oral antibiotics, the resultant destruction of necessary bacteria living within the human body can result in very unpleasant, and sometimes actually harmful, side effects. Once this new technology is fully integrated into antibiotic medicine, the drugs will no longer indiscriminately attack all bacteria, and such side effects should be virtually eliminated."
Dr. Xiu went on to explain that, "As the engineering on these nanoparticles becomes increasingly sophisticated, and it's inevitable that it will, healthcare professionals will be able to offer a non-invasive and extremely effective treatment for a variety of previously difficult to treat diseases, including pernicious infections such as Staphylococcus."
Nano Med Tech is a biomedical research organization with its primary facility in Shanghai, China. The organization focuses on human application of nanotechnology, particularly in the field of cancer treatment. To view the new Nano Med Tech website, visit
Source: Nano Med Tech (press release)
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