IMS Nanofabrication Announces Electron Multi-Beam Mask Writer Collaboration with DNP, Intel and Photronics

(Nanowerk News) IMS Nanofabrication AG (IMS) ( announced today that Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), Intel Corporation, Photronics Inc. and IMS are commencing a joint electron multi-beam mask writer tool collaboration to advance development of IMS' electron multi-beam projection technology. The engagement of DNP, a leading merchant photomask supplier to the electronics industry, augments the recent equity funding round announced by IMS that included participation from Intel and Photronics.
"We are pleased with the support being provided by DNP, Intel and Photronics as we work to develop our electron mask exposure tool (eMET) technology for sub 22nm mask writing applications," said Max Bayerl, CEO of IMS.
Naoya Hayashi, Research Fellow, Electronic Device Operations, DNP said, "We believe the development of IMS Nanofabrication's Multi-Beam Technology through the mutual global collaboration is quite significant as the next generation high efficient pattern writing platform."
"Intel is encouraged by the lithography capability demonstrated to date by IMS," said Chiang Yang, Vice President and General Manager of Intel Mask Operations (IMO). "We believe that industry collaboration to develop promising photomask technologies leads to robust solutions that are critical to help extend Moore's Law."
DNP, Intel and Photronics are the first industry participants to sign the technology collaboration agreement with IMS to support its eMET development program. Collaboration participants will provide input to IMS on mask manufacturing issues that are critical to leading-edge device manufacturers and to leading merchant mask makers. The participants expect to benefit from early access to the eMET technology and from eventual commercialization of the technology in partnership with additional industry players.
Christopher Progler, Chief Technology Officer, Photronics, said, "Formation of this collaboration is a timely and very positive step forward as IMS continues to build momentum toward commercialization of their multi-beam column. Photronics looks forward to strong participation as technology collaborator on this critical program."
About DNP
DNP is one of the world's largest comprehensive printing companies. DNP's wide range of businesses include publication printing, commercial printing, smart cards, business forms, network business and electronic components, among others. Its products in the electronics field include color filters and other components for LCDs, photomasks, PCBs and semiconductor-related components. In the photomask market DNP is a world leader, utilizing its time honored printing techniques and know-how in the fabrication of cutting- edge photomasks. For more information on DNP, please visit:
About IMS
IMS Nanofabrication AG is an Austrian based high-tech company that was founded in December 2006 through the merger of the former IMS Nanofabrication GmbH and IMS - Ionen Mikrofabrikations Systeme GmbH. Based on its extensive know-how in charged particle systems, IMS offers solutions to directly transfer custom designed patterns to resist or to generate resist-less two and three dimensional surface modifications with features below 20 nanometers. IMS focuses its efforts on the development and production of key tool components for mask writing and direct write lithography applications. It plans to commercialize its technology and related services in cooperation with the strategic investors participating in this funding round and with other parties involved in the mask and lithography ecosystem. For more information on IMS Nanofabrication AG, visit:
About Photronics
Photronics Inc. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of photomasks. Photomasks are high precision quartz plates that contain microscopic images of electronic circuits. A key element in the manufacture of semiconductors and flat panel displays, photomasks are used to transfer circuit patterns onto semiconductor wafers and flat panel substrates during the fabrication of integrated circuits, a variety of flat panel displays and, to a lesser extent, other types of electrical and optical components. They are produced in accordance with product designs provided by customers at strategically located manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, and North America. Additional information on the Company can be accessed at:
Source: IMS Nanofabrication (press release)
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