Phenom-World Launches Phenom Programming Interface for the Phenom Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope

(Nanowerk News) With the launch of the Phenom Programming Interface it is now possible for all Phenom customers to control any part of the Phenom desktop SEM.
Stage, navigation camera, and SEM controls can be accessed using this Phenom Programming Interface.
With the Phenom Programming Interface Phenom-World expands its wide range of services and offers an open system for customers who want to create their own workflow and want to take full control over the outcomes of their analysis.
Based on open standards PPI works via the network interface of the Phenom. PPI comes with a custom C++ library which makes integration with the customers own applications a breeze and which can be compiled on Linux, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X.
About Phenom-World
Phenom-World is a leading global supplier of desktop scanning electron microscopes and imaging and analysis packages for sub-micron-scale applications. Our SEM-based systems are used in a broad range of markets and environments. We continuously invest, develop, and integrate our products to help customers improve their return on investment, time to data, and to increase system functionality.
Phenom-World BV is based in the high-tech region of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. This strategic position and collaboration with partners gives Phenom-World access to the newest technologies and best resources for developing state-of-the-art equipment and applications.
Source: Phenom-World (press release)
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