Innova Biosciences Launches Unique Covalent Gold Nanoparticle Conjugation Kit

(Nanowerk News) Innova Biosciences (Cambridge, UK), inventor of 'Lightning-Link' the world's easiest to use antibody labeling technology, is pleased to announce the launch of InnovaCoat™ GOLD: a revolutionary kit for the covalent conjugation of gold nanoparticles to antibodies, proteins and biomolecules. This innovative new technology provides significant advantages over traditional passive adsorption methods and continues in the tradition of the original Lightning-Link® procedure, offering benefits such as 2 minutes hands-on time, 100% antibody recovery and ready-to-use antibody-gold conjugate in just 15 minutes.
Commenting on the launch of InnovaCoat™ GOLD, Dr Nick Gee (CEO of Innova Biosciences) said: 'Innova Biosciences is very proud to be recognised globally as the leading provider of high quality, yet remarkably simple, conjugation technologies. Our revolutionary new product, InnovaCoat™ GOLD, is the only technology in existence that enables ultra-stable covalent conjugation of antibodies to gold nanoparticles and it overcomes many of the problems associated with traditional passive adsorption methods. We look forward to supporting scientists and in vitro diagnostics manufacturers with the rapid development and enhancement of gold based diagnostic assays
The first kit in this new range is the InnovaCoat™ GOLD 40nm gold particle kit, one of the most popular particle sizes, with other sizes and nanoparticles to follow in the coming months. The launch marks the start of an exciting period for Innova Biosciences that will see multiple new product launches, particularly into the in vitro diagnostics market, and will fortify Innova's position as the leader in antibody labeling technologies.
About Innova Biosciences Limited
Innova Biosciences is a growing, dynamic business based in Cambridge, UK. At the core of Innova's business is Lightning-Link®, an innovative technology that simplifies bioconjugation for R&D applications, drug discovery and diagnostics. The expanding Lightning-Link® and InnovaCoat™ portfolio is sold to research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies worldwide.
Innova Biosciences invites anyone with an interest in antibody labeling or gold nanoparticle conjugation to please visit their website for further details,
Source: Innova Biosciences (press release)
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