Arrowhead Research Corporation and Axolabs GmbH Enter into Strategic Alliance for RNAi Therapeutics

(Nanowerk News) Arrowhead Research Corporation, a nanomedicine company with development programs in RNAi therapeutics and obesity, and Axolabs GmbH, a custom research organization offering preclinical solutions and consultancy in the field of oligonucleotide therapeutics, today announced that they have entered into a Strategic Alliance and Master Services Agreement.
Under the terms of the agreement, Axolabs, founded by the principals of former Roche Center of Excellence for RNAi Therapeutics in Kulmbach, Germany, will provide Arrowhead and its partners first-in-class oligonucleotide optimization, synthesis, and analytics. These services include bioinformatics for siRNA design; lead identification, optimization and characterization; as well as siRNA synthesis and CMC-related activities.
"With multiple candidates in the clinic addressing a wide range of indications, data demonstrating the power of RNAi as a therapeutic modality are rapidly accumulating," said Dr. Christopher Anzalone, Arrowhead's CEO. "Axolabs' scientists are pioneers in the field. Having access to their expertise in preclinical development complements Arrowhead's capabilities well and provides us with yet another tool for preclinical and clinical collaborations in the field. Now, with the company's already established intellectual property position and array of proprietary delivery technologies including Dynamic PolyConjugates™ and RONDEL™, Arrowhead is uniquely positioned to build its own pipeline of RNAi therapeutics and provide partners entry to this promising area in a rapid and cost effective manner."
"This agreement continues the execution of Axolabs' strategy to become the preeminent custom research organization in the oligonucleotide therapeutics field," added Dr. Roland Kreutzer, Managing Director of Axolabs GmbH. "We know the colleagues at Arrowhead very well. We are happy to support them in establishing a leading role in the area of RNAi therapeutics and excited to be chosen as their preclinical service provider."
About Arrowhead Research Corporation
Arrowhead Research Corporation is a clinical stage nanomedicine company developing innovative therapies at the interface of biology and nanoengineering. Arrowhead's world-class capabilities and intellectual property covering nucleic acid delivery, siRNA chemistry, and tissue targeting allow it to design and develop therapeutic agents for a wide range of diseases. The company's lead products include CALAA-01, an oncology drug candidate based on the gene silencing RNA interference (RNAi) mechanism, and AdipotideTM, an anti-obesity peptide that targets and kills the blood vessels that feed white adipose tissue. Arrowhead is leveraging its proprietary Dynamic PolyConjugateTM (DPC), Liposomal Nanoparticle (LNP), and RONDELTM delivery platforms to support its own pipeline of preclinical and clinical candidates and to secure external partnerships and collaborations with biotech and pharmaceutical companies. For more information, please visit
About Axolabs
Axolabs is a custom research organization providing high-end preclinical solutions and consultancy in the field of oligonucleotide therapeutics. Axolabs' services comprise oligonucleotide synthesis as well as related analytics, bioanalytics and pharmacology. Built on the foundations of the former Roche Center of Excellence for RNA Therapeutics in Kulmbach, Germany, the company has long-term experience in the development of oligonucleotide therapeutics. For more information, please visit
Source: Arrowhead Research Corporation (press release)
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