New Collaboration to Develop Novel, Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions for Microelectronics

(Nanowerk News) bubbles & beyond, a technology company focusing on customized intelligent fluidsŪ, and Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT), Dresden, today announced their collaboration to jointly develop novel cleaning solutions for the microelectronics industry.
During the two-year collaboration, bubbles & beyond and Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies will create novel decoating products for semiconductor applications with the goal to provide a more efficient, more cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to currently available surface treatments, which are primarily composed of aggressive chemicals. The novel cleaning approach is based on bubbles & beyond's proprietary phase fluid technology (intelligent fluidsŪ), which is already used successfully for other microelectronic applications. Fraunhofer CNT brings the necessary semiconductor expertise, the respective research know-how and comprehensive, highly precise measurement analysis to the project.
The collaboration focuses on the assessment and optimization of the efficacy of customized cleaning solutions. Moreover, semiconductor-specific criteria will be analyzed, e.g. critical materials, process stability and contamination risks. Based on the findings, it will be examined if the new technology is suitable for the removal of lithographic laquers. Subsequently, the assessment will be expanded to other process steps.
"Our collaboration with Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies is an important milestone for expanding our market presence in the microelectronics industry", says Christian Roemlein, Managing Director of bubbles & beyond. "CNT has unique expertise in semiconductor applications and brings invaluable knowledge to our collaboration. The demand for efficient, fast, and eco-friendly surface treatments of semiconductors is very significant so that renowned corporations have expressed their interest already at this early stage of the collaboration."
"Turning innovative ideas into practical technologies for microelectronic manufacturing is one of our main focuses," adds Matthias Rudolph, Project Manager at Fraunhofer CNT. "Its unique phase fluid platform and cleaning know-how makes bubbles&beyond the perfect partner for the development of more effective and eco-friendly cleaning processes for the semiconductor industry. We are happy to work with this highly motivated company and expect innovative solutions for various challenges."
About bubbles & beyond
bubbles & beyond is a technology company focusing on the development of customized intelligent fluidsŪ for industrial, cosmetic, and medical applications. Based on its proprietary intelligent fluidsŪ platform, bubbles & beyond can create phase fluids, which allow for unique physical effects and a stunning performance as well as a broad range of different product types and applications. These solutions are composed of approved, gentle ingredients, which have been tried and tested for a long time. The company is highly flexible and quick to react on special product-driven requirements, changing regulations or specific customer demands across various industries.
bubbles & beyond was founded in 2006 and is based in Leipzig, Germany. Please visit for further information and news updates.
About Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies
Fraunhofer CNT, opened on 31st May 2005, is an example of the close cooperation between research and manufacturing for which Dresden provides excellent conditions. Within the premises of Infineon Technologies, 800 mē clean room area (class 1000), 130 mē laboratory space and a leading 300mm toolset are available for the research of Fraunhofer CNT. The main focus is the characterization of materials, the development of analytic methods and the improvement of process technologies. Due to the industry standards, innovations can be integrated quickly into the manufacturing process and the production costs and time can be reduced considerably.
Source: Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (press release)
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