Elmarco Introduces its Concept Figure of Merit

(Nanowerk News) Elmarco participated at Symposium on Textile Filters on March 6th - 7th in 2012 in Chemnitz, Germany. During this event, new applications of textile filters and innovations in technology were widely discussed. On that occasion Elmarco R&D gave a talk showing evidence that concept of Figure of Merit can be effectively used for optimization of industrial production of filtration composites with nanofibers.
Concept of Figure of Merit for filtration media is based on model dependence of filtration efficiency on pressure drop. Balance of filtration efficiency as a positive property and pressure drop as a negative property is characterized by single parameter, Figure of Merit. Elmarco experts verified that this parameter can be used for characterization of quality of whole nanofiber composite as well as of the nanofiber coating itself. Futher they verified that for nanofiber coatings with low or medium filtration efficiency the trend is in accordance with literature ... thinner nanofibers provide better filtration efficiency at the same pressure drop. On the other hand, nanofiber coatings with high filtration efficiency provided better results when nanofibers were thicker, which is surprising trend not supported by literature or theoretical models. This phenomena will be surely subject of further monitoring and development, not only in Elmarco.
Strength of presented results is in the fact that all data has been collected on real industrial production with all aspects that can not be simulated in small scale laboratory conditions. Elmarco, as the industry´s leading supplier of industrial scale nanofiber production equipment and company with the robust nanofiber research platform is the only company in recent world that can test concepts like Figure of Merit in presented width and quality.
Source: Elmarco (press release)
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