The Interest in Czech Nanospider Increases in the Middle East

(Nanowerk News) Elmarco confirms its privileged position as a leading seller and supplier of industrial scale nanofiber production equipment. For the first time, the third 1.6m production-line Nanospider™ has been bought by the same customer. This is not only a proof of nanofiber success in the end market, but it also confirms the effectiveness and functionality of Elmarco's equipment.
The third ordered production line NS 8S1600U, which is worth just under 40 million CZK, consists of two electrospinning units 1.6 m wide, just as the first two already installed lines. The final production capacity proves the fast increase of nanofiber products demand, because the nanofiber production equipment demand sensitively reflects to nanofiber products just on final markets. The good news for the nanofiber industry is, that the final consumer percives the added value of nanofibers and products with integrated nanofibers are prefered.
According to the contract from March 2012, production line should be installed till the end of this year. The custumer is company from the Middle East, which is significant supplier of products and services for industrial filtration. Thanks to the increased production capacity, this company will be able to apply nanofiber coating in needed quantity in considerably shorter time. Tiny nanofiber layer produced by NanospiderTM technology ensures increase of surface filtration effectivity, improvement of cleanability and durability of products in general.
Source: Elmarco (press release)
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