Ceres Technologies Merges With Mega Fluid Systems to Offer Complete Molecule Delivery Solutions

(Nanowerk News) Ceres Technologies, a global provider of branded process critical support equipment, has expanded its portfolio of Molecule Delivery Solutions by its recent merger with Mega Fluid Systems.
Kevin Brady, President and CEO of Ceres Technologies is proud to announce this acquisition, stated, "The new combined organization will be focused on customer specific products and services in the gas, vapor, chemical and slurry markets. The Ceres-Mega Team offers a Total Molecule Delivery System (TMDS) solution for the Semiconductor, Clean Tech, Solar, and Pharmaceutical industries. Together, our TMDS portfolio includes long-standing relationships with top tier semiconductor companies in the world. Although both companies will serve under the same leadership, each company will keep their respective name and organizational structure."
Jack McCann, President of Mega Fluid Systems added, "Mega is a recognized leader in Slurry Blending and Distribution Systems, and with Ceres we will leverage that technological strength to expand Mega's presence with current customers, as well as, developing new customers across other industries. Mega will be expanding chemical and slurry capabilities in Tualatin, Oregon and will be adding additional operational and engineering staff to support these expansion plans. The successful operation of our controls and liquids R&D lab has positioned Mega to offer tools and services tailored to the customers' needs. Our Ceres-Mega corporate roadmap includes setting up a similar application laboratory at Ceres in Saugerties, NY, and continuing to provide superior support to our Asian customer base through Mega's Taiwan subsidiary."
Jim Rufe, Vice President of the newly formed TMDS group affirmed, "We are excited to move forward as a new combined Ceres-Mega entity that has the momentum, technical expertise, and an unparalleled comprehensive portfolio of products and services required by our customers. Together, we will focus globally on our core industries, including semiconductor, renewable energy, life sciences, and industrial processes."
The Ceres-Mega TMDS group supplies components, sub-assemblies, panels and modules and full equipment builds directly to customers building machines to support select OEM entities and facilities integrators. Ceres-Mega product insertion points include Facilities Support, which is feeding molecules up to the process, Process Support that feeds molecules into process tools and, Tool Support to distribute molecules within specific process tools.
Source: Mega Fluid Systems (press release)
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